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National “made in” Innovation

CITA AWARD 2009 under the item "Components of agricultural machinery" to BALANZAS HOOK.

It was done the CITA Award Ceremony for Technological Innovation. This is the highest honor given to companies and researchers who shine in their field.

It is awarded to those investments that have contribute most to achieving sustainable production efficiency in agriculture, and it is distinguishes the items such as agricultural machinery, equipment, bioenergy and biotechnology. The presentations are evaluated by a prestigious panel of independent experts.

CITA is the exhibition that the Argentina Chamber of Manufacturers of Agricultural Machinery (CAFMA) organized in conjunction with the Argentina Rural Society, La Rural Trade Center Buenos Aires and the journal Chacra.

The CITA objective is to encourage the creation and dissemination of knowledge and technological applications in the private sector, set up a professional and entrepreneur forum of technical exchange and social and enhances the image of Argentina Agricultural Technology in specialist and mass.

In this important international context, a company in Venado Tuerto, BALANZAS HOOK , was awarded under the "Components of Agricultural Machinery" for the development of a scale for a flow grain.

Weighed in home

Nowadays it has become necessary to control the performance of the fields, the amount of grain harvested; the amount stored and loaded trucks. At the time of harvest can weigh hoppers, but it is difficult to weigh silos during emptying of bag.
The solution developed by Hook Scale is a mechanical tachometer scale and a nozzle inserted into a false unloading grain, which is located at the end of the discharge of the extractor bag silos.


The flow of grain out of the extracting is routed through a baffle that produces a uniform grain vein compact resting on the tray. This tray supports, through a tie-pins, the load cell is the transducer that converts the physical quantity force by a proportional electrical signal. This cell is the parallelogram, which makes it immune to the existence of eccentric loads.


The indicator shows the cumulative weight and grain flow in normal mode. In the diagnostic mode shows the instantaneous mass on the scale. The extracted data can accumulate in a general tote. The equipment has a serial transmission data to store and manage information in special software and then analyze these data statistically.
The calibration of this balance is made from the same keyboard with preset parameters.

Mission accomplished

• Allows unlimited measuring the grain mass is removed.
• No capacity constraints.
• The extraction is unlimited flow of grain, there are no restrictions for the use thereof.
• No overflows during removal, the vein is homogeneous and compact.
• No obstructions to the flow rate measurement devices.
• Mounting is simple and modular, so it can adapt to any fan.
• It is very lightweight and can be installed by one person.
• The product is in the process of patenting.

Considering that the accuracy of a scale to hopper is at 0.5% and that would be impossible to weigh hopper at the bottom of the bag while loading a truck, get an error of less than ± 1.5% in the Grain Flow balance extractor is a victory for this product against standard hopper scales.

It can be applied to other uses, for example could be programmed automatic cutting machine with a given extractor mass set point in automatic extraction operations.


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